SADC Regional Programme for Rhino Conservation
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Reporting systems and database
WILDb databases and WILDxl module

Patrol Effort

Wildlife Investigator

TRAFFIC databases for rhinoceros horns

Population estimation software

Rhino horn fingerprinting

High technology applications

Reporting systems and database


·       Developed database management systems through a standardised approach that allowed for regular updating, classification of reliability of data, comparative analyses of demographic trends, etc. This database can be integrated through GIS to incorporate georeferenced data on pertinent influences, e.g. poaching patterns and threats to rhino habitats .

·       Provided expertise and other resources to tackle specific regional priorities (as identified by the AfRSG) for ecological and biological research, e.g. habitat assessments, population estimation techniques, genetic analyses.

·       Implemented pilot projects to test “high-tech” options that may be practical for regional rhino conservation (e.g. GPS Scout Tracker, rhino horn fingerprinting).