SADC Regional Programme for Rhino Conservation
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WILDb Site database for rhino monitoring

Estimating black rhino carrying capacity

TRAFFIC rhino horn and product database

WILDb National database for rhino monitoring at national level

WILDxl module for analysing the performance of rhino population

TRAFFIC rhino horn seizure database

TRAFFIC rhino horn stockpile database

Patrol Effort for law enforcement and rhino monitoring

Wildlife Investigator a law enforcement/intelligence database

RHINO software for estimating rhino population number


All the following software are available on application to the SADC RPRC. For more details about any of these, and for installation instructions, click on the appropriate link on the left. All the software is for use on PCs running a Windows operating system.


Title and Author(s)

WILDb Site Database. (Craig Springett & Wendy Marshall).

SADC RMG Black Rhino Carrying Capacity Model (Evaluation Draft). (Keryn Adcock)

TRAFFIC Rhino Horn and Product Database (RHPD). (Simon Milledge).

WILDb National Database. (Craig Springett & Wendy Marshall).

WILDxl Rhino Population Performance Analysis Module (Craig Springett).

TRAFFIC Rhino Horn Seizure Database (RHSD). (Simon Milledge).

TRAFFIC Wildlife Stockpile Register Database (RSRD): Rhino Horns. (Simon Milledge).

Patrol Effort rhino monitoring and law enforcement database/GIS (Duncan N.A. Purchase).

Wildlife Investigator law enforcement/intelligence database (Rose Hamilton).

RHINO 2.0 population estimation software (Richard H. Emslie).