SADC Regional Programme for Rhino Conservation
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Collaborating Partners
Collaborating Partners

The programme is funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate General for Development Cooperation: it is part of the wider support extended by the Italian Cooperation to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development programmes in the Southern African region.

The programme is contracted to the Italian NGO CESVI and implemented through a regional consortium which comprises:

  • The Wildlife Sector Technical Coordinating Unit of SADC - the link between the NGO consortium and the SADC intergovernmental structure;
  • IUCN-ROSA (The World Conservation Union - Regional Office for Southern Africa ) - provides programme coordination;
  •  The IUCN Species Survival Commission's African Rhino Specialist Group - provides scientific leadership and back-up;
  • WWF-SARPO - (World wide Fund for Nature - Southern Africa Regional Programme Office ) functions as a technical support and implementing agency;
  •  CESVI  (Cooperazione e Sviluppo)- undertakes overall programme management and supports implementation activities.

One of the main intents of the programme is to establish a regional coordinating structure, based on the national agencies responsible for rhino management in each range state. This mechanism is expected to review the progress, ensure adequate participation and coordination and advise on regional priorities for rhino conservation. The Programme, through consultations and hands-on joint activities, is promoting the definition of a long term vision and an effective and defined institutional set-up through which essential regional coordination and cooperation in the region should be sustained.

    Each SADC range state has identified a national focal agency, as follows:


    Instituto de Desenvolvimento Florestal (IDF)


    Department of Wildlife and National Parks


    Department of National Parks and Wildlife


    DirecšŃo Nacional de Florestas e Fauna Bravia


    Ministry of Environment and Tourism

    South Africa



    Big Game Parks


    Wildlife Division


    Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA)


    Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management

    Furthermore, in the implementation of specific activities and projects, the Programme has established close cooperation with a number of other international and national institutions. Details are provided in the pages describing activities.


    * South African management agencies represented on the Rhino Management Group have elected Dr Mike Knight of South Africa National Parks (SANP) to be the official South African representative on the AfRSG and  he also acts as the South African focal point person to the SADC Rhino Programme on behalf of all the South African Management agencies responsible for rhino management, which include, inter alia, South African National Parks, KwaZulu-Natal Wildlife, North West Parks & Tourism Board,  Eastern Cape Department of Economic Affairs and Tourism, Gauteng Directorate of Nature Conservation, Northern Province Department of Agriculture and the Environment, Chief Directorate of Environment, Free State Department of Environment Affairs and Tourism, Western Cape Nature Conservation, Mpumalanga Parks Board, Northern Cape Nature Conservation Service. Private sector rhino owners also have a representative on the RMG.