SADC Regional Programme for Rhino Conservation
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South Africa
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South Africa





South Africa

Status of rhinos

At the end of 2003, there were estimated to be 10536 southern white rhinos, 71 south-western black rhinos, 36 eastern black rhinos and 1177 south-central black rhinos in South Africa . The eastern black rhinos were outside their natural range. These included 12 key populations and 35 important populations of white rhinos, and four key and six important populations of black rhinos.


SADC RPRC projects

At an early stage, the SADC RPRC undertook a review of rhino conservation in all SADC countries . This involved a systematic information-gathering exercise in each SADC rhino range state, in order to compile information on factors relevant to rhino conservation, including basic information on legislation and policies. This range state was one of those visited by a member of the Programme consortium, or a consultant, during the review process.

Later, the SADC RPRC:

·       co-funded a Rhino Management Group workshop about the management of black rhinos;

·       took the Rhino Management Group under the SADC umbrella;

·       sponsored the production of the RMG status report for the black rhino for the years 2002-2004; and

·       co-sponsored the exchange of black rhinos between Namibia , South Africa and Botswana .